Center for System-based Antibiotic Research

To overcome the antibiotic crisis, CESAR addresses two central aspects of antibiotic research: the identification of novel structural classes of compounds as well as the identification of novel modes of action and targets to treat infections with multiresistant bacteria. Using system-based approaches, we aim to make novel natural compounds and innovative structural compound classes available for research and development, thereby strengthening the innovative capacity of enterprises working on R&D of antibiotics. CESAR aims to be a competence center of national significance, connecting academic and industrial players involved in antibiotic research in the German State of North-Rhine-Westphalia.

CESAR is funded by the European Regional Funds for Development (EFRE) and is divided into two projects. ISA encompasses building the infrastructure of CESAR at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, while the accompaning R&D project VISA in cooperation with the Lead Discovery Center GmbH (Dortmund, Germany) aims to verify the workflows for antibiotic research using the new infrastructure.

Infrastructure for System-based Antibiotic Research (ISA)

In ISA, the Center for System-based Antibiotic Research will be established at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. The new infrastructure will be used to address three main aspects: the metabolomic-based search for novel antibiotics, the isolation of natural compounds for research and development (R&D), and the proteome-based characterization of modes of action and molecular targets. ISA entails the establishment of a research infrastructure for R&D of novel antibotics that enables the identification of innovative structural compound classes, beyond the end of the funding period of the infrastructure project.

Verification of the Infrastructure for Antibiotic Research (VISA)

VISA aims to verify the complex workflows for isolation of metabolites, metabolomics, and proteomics using the infrastructure set up in ISA. Additionally, VISA aims to identify first innovative substances for the development of novel antibiotics. The project is perfomed in cooperation with the Lead Discovery Center GmbH and is supported by an Adivisory Board of experts in research and development from academia and industry. The verification of the workflows allows an optimal participation of CESAR in future third-party-funded research projects and collaborative efforts focusing on antimicrobial strategies. A descirption of cooperations and ongoing PhD projects can be found here: