The state-of-the-art infrastructure of CESAR facilitates the development of novel antibiotics for medicine. Functionality of the infrastructure will be verified in a first R&D project termed "VISA". In the future, the infrastructure of CESAR will be used for collaborations with academic and industry partners and the list of projects will be updated continuously. Ongoing PhD projects:

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VISA - Verification of the Infrastructure for Antibiotic Research

CESAR aims to identifiy and isolate novel compounds from producers of natural substances for antibiotic screening and structural analysis. CESAR additionally allows to analyse the mode of action and target of promising candidates as well as initial pharmacological and pharmacokinetic evaluation.

Verification of the infrastructure is perfomed at three levels of increasing difficulty. Starting with the isolation of already known antibiotics produced by bacteria, we will then continue with a metabolomic-based identification of novel natural derivatives of these compounds. Finally, the search for novel antibiotic classes will be established using environmental isolates of Streptomycetes.